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What Is a TikTok Resume, and Do You Need One?

Over 80% of TikTok users are under 40 years old. This makes the social media app a prime hot spot for recruiting new workers. So, if you’re looking for a job, you may need a TikTok resume. 

You may be wondering what a TikTok resume is, you aren’t alone. In today’s ever-evolving technical world, recruiters and job seekers must adapt at the drop of a hat. In this article, we cover what a TikTok resume is. We’ll also give you some tips on how to make yours stand out to recruiters! 

What Is a TikTok Resume? 

A TikTok resume is a video resume. And it’s quickly becoming the go-to way to apply for a variety of jobs. Most of the companies posting jobs on TikTok are modern, but you never know which company could turn to TikTok next. 

The TikTok resumes feature is semi-new to the company. You can read more about it here

How to Make TikTok Resumes: 

First, you need to create a script with all of the important elements. By following a script, you ensure you don’t leave anything important out. Following the STAR method when discussing key achievements is a good idea, but remember you want to keep it short and to the point. 

Before you start recording your video, search the hashtag #tiktokresumes to get an idea of what other people are doing. You can learn a lot about what not to do, too. 

Your TikTok account must be public to make one of these resumes. It should also be free of embarrassing or inappropriate content. 

You don’t want to include your full name or any contact information in the video. This is a safety measure. Once your resume is completed, you’ll go to the TikTok jobs tab and submit your resume for the role you are interested in. When you do this, you’ll also fill out a form with your contact information so the company can reach out. 

Tips to Make Your #TikTokResume Stand Out

You want your Tik Tok resume to be memorable enough that the company calls you, right? The following tips will help you make sure your video makes a lasting impression: 

Have Good Lighting 

A dark room or poorly lit area will make your video appear less professional. If you don’t have a ring light or other way to make the lighting great, consider recording your video outside in a quite space. 

Dress Appropriately 

You need to dress like you are going to an interview. With a video resume, you are giving the company their first impression of you. You need to make it a good one. 

Have a Professional Background 

No one wants to watch a video about someone wanting a job and see a toilet in the background. Where you record is very important. You want the background to be as professional as possible and distraction-free. 

Focus on Key Skills for the Job You Want 

Your TikTok resume should be tailored to the job description you are interested in. So, when you review the job description, you need to pull out the key skills the company wants. Then focus on discussing these skills when creating your video. 

Introduce Yourself 

After you greet the company, you need to introduce yourself. This is the perfect chance to give them your elevator pitch. You should include your name, where you’re located, and the job you are interested in. Other tidbits you could include are your education, where you currently work, any industry-specific certifications, or a fun fact that will make you memorable. 

Use the Green Screen

The green screen effect can be a great addition to your TikTok resume! You can use it to show your accomplishments, such as graduation day or winning an award that stands out in your industry. If you are applying for a designer or photographer job, this would be a great chance to display some of your work. 

Use Background Music 

When we say add background music, we mean light background music that adds to your video. You don’t want to include distracting or inappropriate music. You’ll want to make sure the music is low so the company can hear what you are saying clearly. 

Create Textboxes to Highlight Key Skills 

As you discuss your key qualifications and credentials, create textboxes to emphasize the facts on the screen. This will help the viewer retain the information. Just make sure you are consistent throughout the video with things like font and text box size, and make it look professional. 

Have a Strong Closing

You want to end this video resume with a bang. A strong closing not only invites the viewer to contact you but also tells them why they have to. If you follow these tips, you’re TikTok resume will soon be at the top of the #tiktokresumes search.  

Prepare Your Digital Resume 

Ok, so now you know all about how to create a TikTok resume. This is great, but chances are the recruiter or hiring manager is going to want to see an actual resume, too. Don’t get caught without an updated resume! 

Contact us today to get your digital resume in tip-top shape before gaining the attention of companies on TikTok. 

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