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What Is a Hybrid Resume and When Do You Use It?

As of March 2022, there were 6 million unemployed citizens in the US. That’s a lot of potential competition for your next job search. It’s clear why having a great, professionally-written resume is a must if you want to succeed. 

But what resume format is the best? There are functional, hybrid, and reverse-chronological resumes. Some people say two pages, others swear it has to only be one. Knowing which format is best for your specific situation and when to use each is required for job seekers. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the hybrid resume. You’ll find out what it is, when to use it, and get a few tips on how to write one. Keep reading to learn more. 

What Is a Hybrid Resume Format? 

A hybrid resume combines the best of a reverse-chronological and skills-based resume to create a document highlighting your strengths and experiences. This type of resume format showcases your functional skills ahead of your professional experience to give the reader a clearer picture of your abilities. 

Hybrid resumes are a standard format found in job searches and don’t give recruiters a weird vibe as functional resumes do. And the best part is they are ATS-friendly, meaning your resume will pass through the automated filters when written correctly. 

A hybrid resume has a great format for showcasing specific qualifications or skillsets. This is especially important when you need to position yourself as an expert in these areas or highlight them as transferable skills. 

Hybrid Resume Examples: 

Your hybrid resume should contain the following sections: 

  • Your name and contact information are in the header
  • A heading for your resume
  • A professional summary showcasing your greatest strengths and attributes 
  • An area of expertise or core competencies section 
  • A selected accomplishments or summary of qualifications section
  • Your professional experience comes next, in reverse-chronological order
  • Education and credentials 
  • Any additional information closes out the resume 

What makes this stand out as a hybrid format is the selected accomplishments and summary of qualifications section. This is the area where you can highlight the most important skills for the job you are targeting, either through specific accomplishments throughout your career history or a paragraph detailing your knowledge. 

Here is an example of the qualifications section for a sales professional: 

  • Drove revenue growth of $500K by forging lasting relationships with key account holders, upselling products, and securing new opportunities within network. 
  • Closed 67% more leads due to exceptional communication, interpersonal, and relationship-building skills that improved both customer satisfaction and engagement. 
  • Attended tradeshows, industry events, and conferences to maintain vigilant contact with existing clientele and expand network. 

As you can see, we only listed three bullets. This section is meant to be a quick snapshot of your strengths. Professional experience is still the star of the show and should remain the focus of the resume. 

When Should You Use a Hybrid Resume Template? 

Now that you know how to set up a hybrid resume, you’re probably wondering when to use it. There are a few different situations where a hybrid would be most appropriate. Those situations include: 

When You Are Changing Careers

If you are changing your career, you likely don’t have experience in your new industry and role. You may be tempted to use a functional resume that places the focus only on career achievements. But, using a hybrid resume allows you to display the transferable skills that are required for the change, and it doesn’t come with the same taboo as a functional resume. 

The hybrid resume will help recruiters and hiring managers see you are a viable candidate with a lot to offer despite your lack of experience in the area. 

When You Are a Subject Matter Expert 

Another situation that is great for a hybrid resume is when you are an expert in the job you are applying for. Including a section to highlight your achievements will make your resume stand out to readers and show them just how accomplished you are. You can include awards, honors, or specific highlights to position yourself as a subject matter expert with a hybrid format. 

When You Recently Graduated or Are an Entry-Level Applicant 

On the flip side, maybe you are a newbie and don’t have any expertise at all. A hybrid resume will allow you to outline key projects or skills you learned in college that will be beneficial in the workforce. If you completed internships during school, putting them in this section would be a great way to show potential employers you do have some hands-on experience and are willing to learn more. 

When You Have Job Gaps

There are thousands of reasons why a person may have career gaps. A lot of people spend time learning new skills through volunteering or taking extra courses. A hybrid resume lets you showcase not only those abilities but your other strengths. This way, when the reader gets to the gap, it’s not as important to them because you’ve already outlined your strengths. 

Get Help Writing a Hybrid Resume Today  

Now you better understand what a hybrid resume is and when to use it in your job search. People in all stages of their careers may benefit from a hybrid resume, so you must look at your situation and career progression to determine if it’s the best fit for you. 

Many people struggle with defining their career achievements and hire a professional resume writer to help them. If you are one of those people, we are here to help you land your next dream job! Check out our services or contact us today for more information. 

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