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Tired of Saying “I Can’t Find a Job?” Discover the Most Common Reasons You’re Struggling

Did you know that 47% of interviewers will pass on candidates who know nothing about the company? Or that 65% of candidates don’t get a job because they don’t make eye contact? There are dozens of other reasons why people can’t seem to stop saying “I can’t find a job.” 

In this article, we cover the most common issues that pop up and prevent people from getting a first, second, or even third interview. Keep reading to learn more! 

#1 You Need to Improve Communication Skills 

Many times, when people interview, they get very overwhelmed or anxious and give long-winded answers to questions that could have been answered more succinctly. This is where practicing effective and clear communication is important. By improving this skill, you make your next interview run more smoothly and make yourself appear more confident. 

#2 You Aren’t Dressing to Impress 

While some people would argue it’s outdated to dress up for an interview, just as many people would argue it’s important to do this to make a good first impression. When in doubt, it’s better to wear something professional when interviewing. This shows the interviewer you took the time and effort to look presentable for an important meeting. 

#3 You Aren’t Researching Before Interviews 

Once you get an interview scheduled, you must research the company. You can go to the company’s website or social media pages to find out a few facts about when it was created or its mission. A great place to research companies is LinkedIn, it’s also a perfect platform for building your professional network

#4 Your Resume Needs an Update 

One of the most common reasons people state “I can’t get a job” is because their resume isn’t updated. In today’s world, your document must pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS) before it gets to the decision-makers. This means you have to tailor it to every job you apply for. 

It also means you need a professionally formatted document that can pass the screenings. Resumes with a lot of tables and integrated designs usually do not make the cut. The format should be clean with white space and clearly defined headings above each section. 

#5 You Aren’t Applying to Enough Jobs 

Applying for a new job often seems like a job. It’s a timely, but necessary, process. You must apply to many jobs to get interviews. Choosing two or three and calling it a day on the job search isn’t feasible. You should be applying to 10-15 jobs per week. 

#6 You Aren’t Preparing Enough During Each Stage 

Before the first interview, you need to research the company and practice answers to the most common interview questions. You should also think of a few questions to specifically ask the interviewer that relates to the company/culture/job. 

If you are going to a second interview, it’s important to think of specific examples that showcase your leadership, problem-solving, and customer service skills. Remember to demonstrate both hard and soft skills

If you are making it to the third round, you are so close! You’ll want to really prepare for this one because it often means you’re down to one to three candidates. Research the interviewer, have a game plan about your first few months in the job, and any other scenarios you may have picked up on in previous interviews. 

#7 You’re Overly Excited or Desperate 

A lot of people struggle with “I can’t find a job I like” and get overly excited when one does contact them. While it’s okay to be excited, you must contain it and remain professional during the interview(s). Candidates who seem desperate for the role are often overlooked because it’s a turnoff to interviews. Think of it like how you would approach a potential date…a desperate person isn’t as attractive as a confident one, right? 

#8 You Need to Work on Confidence 

Expanding on number seven, you may have a confidence issue. It’s easy to let the situation take hold and feel unconfident, but it’s important you don’t convey that during an interview. If you don’t feel confident, fake it until you do. The best way to gain confidence is through preparation and practice.

#9 Your References Need a Check 

No one wants to be in this situation, but if you’ve worked on everything else and you still aren’t getting that call…your references may not be on your side. Take a look at the people you put down for references and make sure they are still solid contacts who will give you a good recommendation. 

It’s also a good idea to let them know ahead of time that a company may be calling them so they are prepared and know to answer the phone. 

Tired of Saying “I Can’t Find a Job” to Friends and Family? Resolve #4 Today 

Now you know a few of the main reasons why most people are constantly stating “I can’t find a job.” Many of these problems are easy fixes with a little practice, help, or dedication. 

If you are struggling because of number four, we are here to help! Working with a professional resume writing company can help you prepare an ATS-friendly document that wows readers. Check out our packages today and contact us to get started on improving your job search! 

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