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10 Best Job Search Engines for the Weary Job Seeker

Did you know that 80% of jobs are found online? If you are in the middle of a job search, it can be very overwhelming to try to find the best job search engines. You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of the 10 best job search engines for the weary job seeker.

What Is a Job Search Site?

It is a centralized location where job seekers can search for open positions, and employers can seek out potential candidates. Job seekers can upload a resume and fill out an online profile. Most job search sites simplify the process by offering additional search tools that can help you refine your job targets.

You can narrow down your search parameters according to keywords, location, industry, job titles, and salary. These web-based platforms offer career opportunities for temporary, seasonal, part-time, full-time, and telecommuting workers. So no matter where you’re at in your job search, there is a platform best suited for you.

How to Choose the Best Job Search Websites For You

Before you can choose the best job websites, you need to determine what specific job search needs are crucial to you. To make an informed decision, consider the following:

#1 By Industry

The first step in determining the best job board is to decide what industry you are searching in. Are you continuing on the same career path? Are you interested in switching industries altogether? Is location a factor? You want to be sure that the job site offers the best options for your industry needs.

#2. User-Friendliness

Does the website make it easy to search for the job you want? Are the filters optimal for your use? Is the language easily understood? Being able to quickly filter through results, and identify potential jobs will help make your job search run more smoothly.

#3. Reviews

It’s always a good idea to see what others have to say. Researching reviews from other job seekers who have utilized the website you are checking into allows you to gain first-hand knowledge of how useful and effective that job board is. Additionally, you can also look into the reviews that are posted about the employers you may potentially be applying to. 

The 10 Best Job Search Engines:

A simple Google search will return tens of thousands of results on which job boards are the best. Breaking down the pros and cons of each site will help you determine which one is best for you. 

#1 Indeed


Indeed is recognized as one of the best job websites with over 16 million job search success stories shared on its platform and is arguably the largest job board worldwide. It offers job seekers the convenience of searching for employment by title, keyword, company, and location. Links to reviews posted by employees of prospective companies help potential job-seekers to get a glimpse of the company’s work environment and expectations. 

Not only can potential employees upload resumes, but Indeed also offers a variety of online skill assessments to amplify profiles for employers. The skill assessments are especially beneficial if jobseekers need to refresh or build both their soft and hard skills. Candidates can receive job alerts that align with other positions they’ve been reviewing.


Due to the overwhelming amount of websites that are posted on the platform, candidates may find themselves redirected to another site to apply for the job they’re interested in. Additionally, some of the jobs that are posted have already been filled but not removed. This could cause employers to not respond to job seekers, resulting in a feeling of rejection or of being ghosted. 

#2 Glassdoor


Glassdoor is a top performer when it comes to offering reviews from both current and former employees. Widely known as one of the largest recruiting platforms, the job search site provides detailed information about employers and their work cultures. All of its resources are organized and easily navigated across the website.

Companies are conveniently rated and the details include salary expectations, benefits, and interview tips. Candidates can easily upload their resumes to their Glassdoor profiles so that potential employers can find them.


The search capabilities are more limited than on other websites. In order to use this website, you have to create an account.

#3 LinkedIn


With over 706 million users worldwide, LinkedIn’s mission is to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful”. Its platform is the most substantial networking site for professionals. Candidates can highlight their careers and interests on their profiles. Plus, you can leverage the millions of users already on the site to build your professional network

Because of its social media interface, LinkedIn users can review activity on potential employers including new job opportunities. Leading the employment connection platforms, LinkedIn modernizes the ability to establish your brand. 

Additionally, it has its own messaging system within the site for recruiters or hiring managers to message you directly. Connect with existing contacts and manage your network on your personal landing page.


Since it has such a massive amount of users worldwide, there is a heavy amount of competition in the pool of candidates applying for a job. In order to be “featured” as an applicant, potential job seekers would need to pay a monthly fee. 

#4 FlexJobs


If you are searching for a promising website for remote or hybrid jobs, FlexJobs has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Offering both full- and part-time opportunities that have been highly vetted, FlexJobs is a great platform for finding legitimate remote employment options to suit your needs.


They offer a free trial and a referral program. FlexJobs also has compiled a variety of resources available to members such as articles, tips, webinars, and skills courses.



Once your free trial has ended, there is a monthly membership fee. Members need to remain vigilant with logging in to check for opportunities.


Pros: is all about bringing prospective employers to the candidates. Jobseekers cater their profiles to their skills and accomplishments. Profiles are hidden from current and past employers to maintain privacy.


Approved profiles are promoted for a two week period. Job seekers approve the interviews that interest them, and can even view offers side by side. Applications and cover letters are not required. 


Candidate profiles may not qualify for approval. The site is geared toward mostly tech and sales opportunities.

#6 SnagaJob


Snagajob is a job platform dedicated to those looking for hourly or shift work employment opportunities. The job board is easy to navigate and offers short- and long-term positions.


There is a multitude of entry-level positions in areas such as customer service, retail, healthcare, and more. When viewing a job opening, there are also similar jobs to review for ease of purpose.


It doesn’t offer opportunities to accommodate all job seekers. The application process is time-consuming.

#7 Recruiter


Recruiter offers potential candidates the opportunity to upload their resumes for distribution among a large network of hiring managers and recruiters. Recruiters are thoroughly vetted. Also, if you run into a problem, customer support is available via email through their helpdesk.


There is a fee to upload your resume.

#8 SimplyHired


SimplyHired is a job search engine that offers many new entry-level positions daily. It is user-friendly and provides detailed descriptions of open employment opportunities. 


Potential employees can utilize the quick apply method after creating an account. Also, there are jobseeker tools available such as company reviews, salary estimator, and a resume builder.



There are limited filters so it can be difficult to narrow down leads and some listings may be outdated. 

#9 CareerBuilder


With over 100 million jobs, CareerBuilder is a prominent website for many applicants to advance their employment goals. The site enlists top hiring companies, to provide US-based, as well as international advancement. 


Support and advice are abundant via the jobseekers resource center. The job search tool offers the ability to search by job title, skills, salary, and location. In addition, there is a quick apply button. 


The site may not be suitable for everyone considering most jobs seem to require a college degree.

#10 Monster


Monster is one of the original job search boards with a long reputation for connecting job seekers with prospective employers. The website includes refined search options, including the option to favorite a particular job posting with an account.


There is even a specialized hub available for new graduates to start their career search. Monster offers career advice and a helpful resource center which includes assessments and sample interview questions to get candidates prepared for their meetings.


The filtering option is limited with no experience level or salary options.

Tips to Streamline Your Job Search:

When you want to get the most out of your employment search, it’s best to streamline your efforts and the results of those searches. The following three suggestions will help make your job-seeking endeavor a real success!


Preparing for the prospect of job searching may seem like a daunting task; however, keeping things organized will make it more convenient for you. Compiling research about target companies, making a note of the types of jobs you’d be interested in, and even brushing up on some skills can help reduce your stress and increase productivity. Fewer distractions lead to better momentum. 


Checklists are a definite must-have when navigating employment opportunities. Not only do they help with your organization efforts, but they also help you to remember key points that might otherwise slip your mind, things you want to include when you’re submitting your resume. 

Time Management

One of the key features of time management is that it affords you the ability to increase your overall efficiency. Properly managing your time helps negate extra stress and improves focus, which revives your confidence levels. Moreover, simplifying your time management also gives you more freedom to do the things you enjoy.

Ensure Your Resume is Job Search Ready!

Entering the job search community is a big step towards landing your dream job. Being prepared for the workforce is vital to completing your goal. 

The best way to get noticed by future employers is to set yourself apart from all the other applicants. Aside from honing your skills, the most important factor in getting noticed in the workforce is your resume. 


  • Does it provide all the information necessary for the job opening that you’re applying to? 
  • Has your resume been updated lately? 
  • Is it focused on the skills needed to excel in that employment role? 
  • Is it professional?


Before you upload it to one of the 10 best job search engines, let Always Typing Resumes give your resume a once over. If you choose, you can get a brand-new resume that will certainly allow you to stand out in the sea of sameness. 

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